Welcome to theGIFblog!

I've started this blog on January 19, 2017 to entertain and with a motive of making everyone laugh through the medium of my silly posts and animated gifs.

=> Why should you check out theGIFblog?

  • because you're bored from your bae.
  • because you dislike your boss.
  • because you hate your colleague promotion.
  • because your girlfriend/boyfriend ditched you.
  • because you hate Kejriwal.
  • because you hate KRK, Mulayam-Akhilesh's Cycle and Baba Ramdev awkward dance.
  • because you don't care about any shit.
  • because you like cat memes over katrina kaif hot photoshoot.
  • because bhavnaao ko samjho oops yaad aaya meri girlfriend kaa naam bhavna hai. Love you baby!
You'll hate me. You'll relate to my posts. You'll fall in love with me. Aha! Don't forget to subscribe to the blog. 


~ Manish